The highest crystal quality aluminum gallium nitride epitaxy covering the full composition range.


Custom structures available by request


Adroit Materials offers a full range of AlN, GaN and AlGaN templates with the highest crystal quality on the market. Our superior epitaxial control enables customers to order the exact alloy composition that their application requires. Electrical properties are completely customizable, from fully insulating layers to n-type and p-type layers with state of the art free carrier concentrations. We are also able to provide III-nitride electronic and optoelectronic epitaxial structures suitable for customer applications including Schottky diodes, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes.



AlN, GaN and AlGaN Templates

Precise Composition Control

Customizable Electrical Properties

Epi-Ready Surfaces



Multi-Quantum Wells

Lateral Polarity Structures

Optical Device Structures

Electronic Device Structures